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Rolly CLASS Small Tractor With Loader

Rolly CLASS Small Tractor With Loader

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The rollyKid CLAAS Elios 230 is the ideal toy for children aged 2½ to 5 years. With its realistic design and many features, it provides hours of fun. This pedal tractor, including a front loader, offers endless adventures and serves as an ideal platform for the development of young children. The vehicle's hood can be opened, allowing little drivers to unleash their imagination and feel like real tractor drivers. With adjustable chain tension and a protected chain drive, the rollyKid CLAAS Elios 230 ensures a safe and smooth ride. The innovative pivot steering in combination with the sturdy steering rod allows for precise control and promotes fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The rear hitch of the rollyKid CLAAS Elios 230 opens up numerous possibilities for additional fun. Various functional accessories can be retrofitted here to make the vehicle even more versatile. With the rollyKid CLAAS Elios 230, children can unleash their imagination and dive into the world of agriculture. This high-quality toy not only provides fun but also promotes children's motor skills and imagination.
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