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Rolly Tanker Grey

Rolly Tanker Grey

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The rollyTanker - an exciting toy for young explorers ages 3 to 10 who want to experience their own farm adventures. This impressive barrel trailer was designed specifically for the small farmers of tomorrow and offers hours of fun.
With its impressive size and sturdy structure, the rollyTanker is ready to tackle even the toughest tasks on the virtual farm. Its single-axle trailer design makes it easy to tow behind a toy tractor or other vehicle while always remaining stable and safely on track.
The highlight of the rollyTanker is the water pump with syringe included in delivery. This allows the little adventurers to transport and spray water like real farmers, which stimulates the imagination and enables creative role play.
With a maximum filling of 30 liters, children can transport large amounts of water and care for their "harvests" or animals on the farm. The support wheel with crank makes it easy to hitch and unhitch the trailer, so the little farmers can complete their tasks effortlessly.
The rollyTanker has a drain tap that allows young farmers to drain the water exactly where it is needed.
With the rollyTanker, children can not only have fun, but also develop important skills such as dexterity, coordination and social interaction. This toy makes a great addition to any playground or garden and opens up a world of imagination and creativity. Get the rollyTanker and let your kids experience the fun and adventures of farm life!
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